Proofread My Essay: the Key to a Business Venture

“Can you proofread my essay please?” is one request that I always heard when I was in college. My classmates thought that I had the necessary skills to do professional editing. Little did they know that I used an essay editing service to proofread my essay!

Because there were too many students with the same “proofread my essay” request, I looked deeper into the business of professional editing. I asked myself, “Is this a business venture that I can pursue?”

At first I thought of putting up my own essay editing service because of the demand for professional editing in my school. I hardly found time to proofread my essay for my school projects because of the demand for my professional editing “expertise”!

But as I looked deeper into the essay editing service business, I thought that it was not feasible for me at that time for various reasons:

1. Technological Knowhow

I needed a website so anyone who searches the internet for “proofread my essay” can find me. I do not know anything about creating websites!

2. Essay Editing Service Competition

There are so many websites offering professional editing and they are already established. I should have realized this early on because I turned to them whenever I needed someone to proofread my essay. How could I compete with them?

3. Skills and Knowledge

I can say that I have the proper language and grammatical skills to offer essay editing service. That is the reason why many students approach me and ask “can you proofread my essay”. If I were to start an essay editing service and I was expecting a lot of customers, then I cannot do professional editing by myself. And there are other requirements to meet as well:

Professional Editing Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of grammar and writing style
  • Expertise in specific subjects or topics
  • Knowledge of citation styles
  • Communication skills

Faced with these seemingly insurmountable challenges, I thought my dream of getting into the “proofread my essay” business would not come into fruition—that is until I found a way around it!

The Solution

Surely, I could not just set up my own essay editing service and compete with the established ones. Expanding my knowledge, experience, and skills in editing is doable. Surely, every student who the magic phrase “proofread my essay” helps with honing my skills, but there is still a long way to go before I can become an expert.

The only thing I could solve at that instance was to set up my own website—with the help of an expert of course! It was my gateway to the lucrative “proofread my essay” business of my dreams!

Now every time someone asks me “can you proofread my essay?” I just give them the link to my website.

Am I offering essay editing service at my website to students who utter proofread my essay?

The answer is “yes” and “no”!

No, I’m not the one doing professional editing. Instead, my proofread my essay website has a list of websites offering editing and proofreading services. From my website, they are directed to the editing service of their choice.

So “yes”, essay editing service is offered at my website! But the real work of professional editing is done in other websites! Proofread my essay you say?